ROV competence from a single source

We can offer you full service all around the development and the application of mobile ROVs in water depths up to 300 m. Be it for explorations, surveying, inspections or long-term monitoring: We will advise you when it comes to your special applications, create concepts and support you until your challenge is resolved.

We are the right point of contact for you in terms of research projects, the development of technologies as well as a wide range of ready-to-use devices and tools. We will help you generate real value from the capabilities of today’s ROVs.


Your benefits: You obtain solutions perfectly matching your challenge.

We are your partners in all questions related to ROVs. Our strong network either has the right solutions in store for you already or will develop them together with you. We will organize and implement a research project for you. You will be pleased with the added value generated as a result.

What we can provide you with:

  • Developments, trials, evaluations
  • Adjustments and refitting
  • Experiments and tests with the effects of wind, pressure, current
  • Automation solutions
  • Energy harvesting and energy management
  • Measurements, data acquisition
  • UW recordings and images, video and image processing
  • Visualization, digital signal processing

Equipment fleet

Your benefits: You will obtain the latest equipment and use the longstanding experience of our employees. You put your task in our hands completely.

With us as a service partner, you use state-of-the-art materials and hire well-trained personnel, if required, to carry out your project. There is no need for you to maintain rarely used resources.

Materials and personnel may be requested independently of one another. We want your task to be completed. Let’s discuss your ideas together.

We have on stock:

  • ROVs, boats and ships
  • Measuring device holders
  • Batteries and drive systems
  • Position sensors such as multiple (D)GNSS and (D)GPS receivers
  • Current sensors such as horizontal and vertical ADCP
  • Orientation sensors such as AHRS
  • Wireless systems for various requirements
  • Underwater cameras stereo 3D

Test and trial environments

Your benefits: The state-of-the-art facilities of specialized ROV research institutions will boost your developments.

You would like to test your own developments in a professional environment? You have come to the right place! Our network will provide you with the research environment for your project.

We can offer you:

  • Use of test facilities for inflow and/or circulation analyses
  • Rental of test basins
  • Test runs, e.g. for the purpose of testing floating stability and mobility
  • Evaluation of sensors in the test basin

For this purpose, we have

  • Sloshing test station (0,7 x 0,2 x 0,5m)
  • Wind tunnel with propeller test station (2,8 x 1,4 x 1,4m, 6-60m/s)
  • Towing tank (35 x 5 x 3m)
  • Runout channel (Ø20m, 5 x 3m)
  • Cavitation channel (1,2 x 0,3 x 0,3m, bis 9,5 m/s)
  • Pressure tank (Ø1m, 1,5m tief, bis 600bar)
  • Metrology
  • Vehicle simulation systems


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